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Best roofing sheets in Nigeria

Tilcor is an innovative manufacturer and supplier of affordable lightweight stone-coated and satin-finish metal types of roofing sheets in Nigeria. Tilcor is one of the best roofing companies in Nigeria and sells the best roofing material in Nigeria

The reason why we are better than the other roofing tiles companies in Nigeria is the durability of our roofing tiles – the superior stone, satin coating technology coupled with Zincalume protected steel – (zinc roofing sheets ) highly researched and developed protective coatings can endure the harshest environments thanks to the unique, innovative manufacturing process we’ve perfected over 25 years of strenuous testing and continual improvements. We have the best metal roof tiles in Nigeria, roof shingles material, roofing contractors, stone coated metal shingles, stone coated roofing sheet and various types of roofing sheets in Nigeria along with the best roofing designs in Nigeria and we provide top roofing in Nigeria

The Tilcor range caters for all types of construction from residential to light-commercial and public works, and comprises seven distinct profiles –Tudor, Shake, Royal, Bond, Classic, Roman and Shingle.. We pride ourselves in being one of the best roof shingle companies and provide the best roofing sheet in Nigeria.
* Shingle and Roman are not available in EU or North American markets.

All Tilcor products are manufactured at their New Zealand factory, which is ISO 9001-accredited and has developed an enviable reputation internationally for excellence in product design, quality manufacturing and competitiveness.

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Tilcor is one of the best roofing companies and have roofing systems that offer exceptional strength and durability in the harshest climates. Tilcor offers the high quality roofs in Nigeria. They are water, fire and earthquake resistant; they can withstand hurricane-force winds and are backed by a Tilcor Roofing Systems warranty. WE manufacture high quality stone coated roofing sheets and Metal Roofing tiles in Nigeria.

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Hail Resistance Fire Safe Protection from the Sun Marine Environments High Wind Resistance Earthquake Lightweight Roofing Experience Counts Sustainable

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